We ♥ Typography

Image courtesy of flickr.com member Brenda Starr

For those who like to see the procedure behind the product (How It’s Made, anyone?), you just might love this essay. Type designer (and GLIMPSE Helvetica film discussion panelist) David Jonathan Ross wrote about his thought-process behind a few typefaces he created. Ross explores the impact and importance of each letter’s relationship with thick and thin strokes, writing with a passion that makes it truly enjoyable to read.

For me, the relationship of thicks and thins is more abstract. While stroke and gesture are interesting subjects, what fascinates me is how any thick/thin relationship can define the vocabulary of shapes in a typeface, and how those shapes can in turn produce unexpected textures and rhythms of black and white. This fascination has served as the jumping off point for three of my typefaces, each one approaching stress and contrast in a different way.

Ross’s essay is featured on the blog “I Love Typography.” You can read the rest of his piece here.

Allison Nonko