The Wonder of Imax

by Myya McGregory

There’s no question. Imax is a leader in theatre, theatre technology, and the viewing experience. As per their new motto, Imax has surpassed sight: “Imax is believing©

Imax opened its first theatre in 1970 and has since built over 643 theaters around the world. They have been combining great theatre technology with amazing audio technology for less than five decades and have already firmly cemented themselves amongst the ranks of global film innovation giants.

Imax has been instrumental in filming scenes from some of America’s favorite movies: “The Dark Knight”, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”, “Inception”, “The Hunger Games” and many more. If it was a blockbuster with exceptional cinematography there is a 99% chance that Imax was involved.

To project movies onto its enormous screen, film is fed horizontally into a Rolling Loop projector and held in placed by a vacuum. Having recently partnered with Eastman Kodak, Imax has begun testing a new laser projector.

According to Imax the key to better picture quality is more light, enormous film frames, a giant screen and a high performance sound system to match. Every seat in the house is the best.

About the Author: Myya McGregory, a GLIMPSE Journal intern is also a rising junior at Williams College. She is an Economics and Chemistry double major. She enjoys music, dance, and literature. 


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