Beautiful Music: A symphony of science

Image courtesy of NASA and The Hubble Heritage Team (AURA/STScI)

Excuse us for a moment while we take a break from the art + science of seeing and venture into the art + science of listening. What do you get when you auto-tune some of the most influential voices in science, compile them together, and compose music around them? A Symphony of Science, of course. Composer John Boswell explores the philosophy and beauty that lie within the many different fields of science through music. Listening to one of his three-minute songs allows you to reflect on the great mysteries of the cosmos, galaxies, the human body.  Boswell’s most well-known creation is “A Glorious Dawn,” a song filled with Carl Sagan’s musings and insights on the universe; however, over here at GLIMPSE,  we also enjoy his most recent, “Ode to the Brain”— the auto-tuned voices (which bring out the kitschy science nerd in all of us) are unexpectedly poetic. Each song is quite catchy and as we bop our head to the beat, we gain a deeper understanding of our vast, infinite surroundings.


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