Falling Up

Image courtesy of flickr.com member Andreia Bohner

Dutch artist M.C. Escher created the Waterfall lithograph (pictured above) in 1961. Escher is responsible for some of the most well-known and beautifully mind-boggling optical illusions out there. By combining precise artistic skill with a deep understanding of mathematics, his designs explore impossibility and infinity. Escher’s work challenges our perception and forces us to look at the world in more abstract terms.

We at GLIMPSE love a good DIY project. It’s always a nice feeling to look at that bookshelf or bracelet you spent the afternoon toiling over and think to yourself, “Hey, I made that and it’s not half bad!” We also happen to love optical illusions. So imagine our delight when GLIMPSE Helvetica film discussion panelist Dyana Weissman shared with us the (now infamous) video of a do-it-yourself Escher’s Waterfall.

While we would love to believe this man somehow reversed the laws of gravity in his garage, we have a feeling some good editing and computer-generated water may have helped him out. But we could be wrong! Either way he built a pretty amazing structure that has baffled about three million people. His triumphant thumbs-up at the end of the video seems more than appropriate.

Allison Nonko


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