A Typewriter? I think I’ve heard of it…

It’s time again to share another one of our favorite text-related images in honor of the new GLIMPSE issue, Text. ‘Typewriter,’ by flickr.com member icultist, gives us this beautiful photograph. The ominous, eerie mood of the image seems to fit with the poor fate of the machine; however it also serves to remind us of how much the written word has progressed throughout history.  While some of us at GLIMPSE have never even used a typewriter (!), we can still appreciate the nostalgia that comes with it—one staff member in particular wishes she could shell out the $200,000 plus for author Cormac McCarthy’s prolific Olivetti Lettera 32.

And as the progression of the written word moves more and more towards the electronic reader, we’re all starting to feel that nostalgia for good old fashioned books.

Allison Nonko


2 thoughts on “A Typewriter? I think I’ve heard of it…

  1. thanks for using my pic. i love old run down typewriters. I think they are shrouded in some strange mystery . I found this typewriter dumped in an attic of my friend’s office where i used to work twenty years ago on this same type writer. When my friend started his office , apart from an old table and wire chairs this typewriter was the only capital he had. And he got this typewriter from one of his friends who had owned him some money which could not be repaid.

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