It’s A Small World After All

Image courtesy of member Kenneth Lu

With the recent release of GLIMPSE‘s  new “Text” issue, we think it’s more than appropriate to share this with you. What it is: the CitID Project. What they do: “CitID is an ambitious project aiming to gain global consciousness by giving a (type)face to every city worldwide.” Artists set out to create textual interpretations of the places they, and so many others, call home; it’s a noble, quirky, and beautiful cause. Looking through the pieces for cities like Coyhaique, Chile; Meat Camp (!), North Carolina; or Sebenik, Croatia is incredibly addicting and does wonders for those of us looking to brush up on some geography. CitID also reminds us that the physical letters on the page can be just as expressive as the words and meanings they form.

But the best part of the project is seeing what was created for your hometown. A few of us at GLIMPSE who hail from the great state of Colorado found the two typefaces for Denver spot-on, especially this one. It perfectly captures the unique relationship between city and nature that makes Denver one of the best places to live in the U.S. of A (and we’re only a little biased). So what do you think, dear readers? Does CitID do your hometown justice? Did you discover any new and exciting cities around the world?

Allison Nonko


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