Tis the Season…

Photo courtesy of flickr.com user Andrew Vargas

Forget about astrology — a study published by the Nature Neuroscience journal suggests the season you’re born in might have a drastic effect on your biological clock and personality. Scientists performed experiments on mice, raising them from birth and weaning them in simulated winter and summer light cycles. They found the biological clocks in winter mice were much more susceptible to be affected with the changing of the seasons; their daily activity also slowed down. The mice born in the ‘summer’ exhibited no major changes in their brains’ behavior. While the findings are not conclusive, we at GLIMPSE think it’s pretty interesting our seemingly arbitrary relationship with the seasons can have a such big impact on our development. So for those of you with birthdays December through March, take a break from blaming mother dearest for all your problems and start shaking your fist at mother nature.

Allison Nonko



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