Star light, star bright, Jupiter shines extra bright tonight…

The good people of Sky & Telescope report that tonight, Monday, September 20, Jupiter will be its brightest in quite some time. The planet is especially close to earth at a mere 368 million miles away.

…But it remains nearly this close and bright (magnitude -2.9) throughout the second half of September… Also, according to legendary planetary observer Richard Schmude, Jupiter is an additional 4% or so brighter than usual because one of its brown cloud belts has gone missing.


One thought on “Star light, star bright, Jupiter shines extra bright tonight…

  1. I appreciate the reminder. It sure is beautiful, especially in the area of the sky with the nearly full moon, as it was tonight. I could see them together throughout my nightly walk, upon other of which I had been noticing something that seemed brighter than usual. In the evening, at least where I am, Jupiter serves as the Venus of the east, but stays up longer. All the stars in that area of the sky are blotted out by the moon. (I’m always amazed at how bright moonlight can be especially in dark skies like in the mountains, and how it has a ghostly blue hue to it.)

    It is easy to see why early man (and even we) are so fascinated with the night sky and look to it for answers. Jupiter reminds me of my favorite movie, 2001, which involves a manned mission to Jupiter. We are still a long way from that.

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