Study Imaging Science at MIT for $0 a day

Digital refocusing is a computational photography technique that allows one to change the focus point in an image after capture, using additional data collected through camera enhancements such as a coded aperture mask. (Image by Prof. Ramesh Raskar.)

September’s here, and it’s time to put the thinking cap back on. No need to enroll or pay tuition…or to do homework. Official students, garage tinkerers, lifelong learners, and the generally curious can learn about the latest in imaging technology from the MIT Professor Ramesh Raskar. Now available via MIT’s (visionary) Open Courseware site:

“Computational Camera and Photography”

Thanks, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Professor Raskar, for sharing your knowledge with everyone that’s interested!

Check out more DIY MIT courses here:

Hmmmm… imaging technology not your thing?

How about:

“Film as Visual and Literary Mythmaking?”


“Laboratory in Visual Cognition?”



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