The Visions Issue Photo Competition – Third Place

Alan Samiljan's "Aerosol Abstract #8" wins 3rd place in the GLIMPSE Visions Issue Photo Competition

Unfortunately, the GLIMPSE creative and editorial staff could only choose three winners for the Visions Issue Photo Competition. The winning photos, chosen from among many submissions by clearly talented and creative photographers, were selected based on their visual demonstration of the theme of the newest GLIMPSE issue, Visions, which is about seeing or imagining physically inexplicable forms, beings or events in personal, creative, social or religious contexts.

We congratulate photographer Alan Samiljan for winning 3rd place for his submission, “Aerosol Abstract #8.” “I take great pleasure in building balanced images of unexpected objects, often with a sense of humor,” Samiljan explains of his photographic style.

Alan wins a 1-year electronic subscription to GLIMPSE. Watch for the second and first place entries, which will be featured on this blog in the next few days. The winning photo is featured on the back cover of the soon-to-be-publicly-released Visions issue (subscribers received their electronic versions of the issue last week).


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