If you could see what Lily Yeh sees…

We here at Glimpse view seeing as a complex act. When looking at a chair, a house, a tree, or a human being, we’re not looking at a stagnant, isolated thing. We’re seeing the product of past events and movements and circumstances. We’re seeing a thing in transition that has the power to act or the possibility of being acted upon. We’re seeing the potential for change.

This month, Lily Yeh (Artist/Activist interviewed in our China Vision II issue) and the Barefoot Artists depart to Rwanda to continue their work rebuilding communities ravaged by genocide, disease and displacement. In locations where most would see only  destruction and disrepair, Yeh sees “endless resources for…an innovative way to create a new future.”  Here, we present a clip of Yeh speaking at last year’s Bioneers Conference.  Or click here to see the whole transformative thing.

Don’t forget to check out–or if you’re already one of Glimpse‘s fabulous readers, revisit–our conversation with Lily Yeh about the transformation of the Dandelion School in Beijing!


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