Star of Bethlehem Research Reveals Much

Contemporary representation of the mysterious Star of Bethlehem

Contemporary representation of the mysterious Star of Bethlehem. Courtesy of Flickr member "hoyasmeg"/James Emery.

“The Christian account of the Star of Bethlehem has been largely unsubstantiated by hard scientific data. Countless astronomers have attempted to offer explanations for the phenomenon, but none have been without flaws and contradictions.” In the forthcoming Cosmos issue of Glimpse (vol 2.4), astronomer Michael R. Molnar proposes a theory, “grounded in both ancient astrological practices and hard science, which validates the plausibility of this spectacular biblical event.” Molnar writes:

Astronomers have suggested many celestial events to account for this sighting, But their ideas run counter to what ancient stargazers would have deemed symbolic of a Judean king’s birth… (M)y examination of the biblical story started instead with efforts to understand celestial symbols on Roman coins.

In the forthcoming Glimpse article, “What the Wise Men Saw in the Sky,” Molnar proposes the exact day, month, and year of the birth of Christ, based on astronomical research and historical research into astronomical, astrological, religious, and socio-political practices during the time of the birth of Christ.

Stay tuned…


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