Simultaneous Realities

Looking at the images above, can you make out a meaning?

In his TED talk lecture special for CNN, R. Beau Lotto explains why your mind seems to “fill in” the blank where the appropriate letters might be to make sense of an otherwise meaningless mix of words.

Humans understand and process what pertains to them. “If you remember anything in this next eighteen minutes, remember this: that the light that falls onto your eye, sensory information, is meaningless, because it could mean literally anything.” R. Beau Lotto uses visual examples to illustrate his point that what a person sees, finds patterns in and attributes importance to, is not based on a constant—a person is continually re-definining her/his perspective of normality in order to make sense of the world. Lotto concludes his lecture in the spirit of celebrating uncertainty which he believes is the potential for understanding.

Images above are screenshots from R. Beau Lotto’s TED Talk Tuesdays lecture for

Written by Angie Mah


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