Glimpse Recommends: Margaret Livingstone – “What Art Can Tell Us About the Brain”

This evening Glimpse Journal invites you to join The Dynamic Media Institute (DMI), Boston Media Makers and MassArt Professional and Continuing Education in attending Media Tech Tonic Lecture #11: “What Art Can Tell Us About the Brain”, presented by Dr. Margaret Livingstone, Professor of Neurobiology at the Harvard Medical School and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems at Boston University.

Dr. Margaret Livingstone is the eleventh guest speaker of the twelve part Fall 2009 Media Tech Tonic lecture series. Her work attempts to explain in scientific terms the sequence of events that occur between a persons’ brain and sensory motors when s/he views a beautiful (or grotesque) work of art. Providing popular masterpiece examples like Picasso, Mattise and DaVinci, Livingstone proposes to unravel the mystique of the “pull”—though you might call it “beauty”—that certain aesthetics have, “I will explore how the segregation of color and luminance processing are the basis for why some Impressionist paintings seem to shimmer, why some op art paintings seem to move, some principles of Matisse’s use of color, and how the Impressionists painted ‘air'”. Livinstone will also cover topics from her recently published work Vision and Art: The Biology of Seeing.

Please register for this free lecture at:

MediaTechTonic #11
“What Art Can Tell Us About the Brain”
Dr. Margaret Linvingstone
Room 406, Kennedy Building
Massachusetts College of Art and Design
621 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

Keep your eyelids open for Glimpse Journal’s reflections on the event afterwards.

Left Image: Picasso Drawing With Light (1949) by Gjon Mili. Hosted by today and tomorrow. Upper-right Image: by Flickr Member MikeBlogs.

Written by Angie Mah


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